Your Teeth Are Alive and Can Heal Themselves!
I’ll show you how Doug Simons takes care of his dental health with simple, easy-to-do, and effective methods.
You can too!

Dear friend,

Hi, I’m Marjory Wildcraft.

I used to always have problems with my teeth. I did everything the dental professionals suggested. I flossed, I brushed, and yet I still had cavities and various other problems. Nothing was working, and there really wasn’t an alternative to dentists out there.

One day, I went to a primitive skills gathering and I met Doug Simons, an amazing holistic healer who lives mostly out in the wilderness. He taught me how to take care of my dental health without using manufactured chemicals or fluoride, instead using only things found in nature. I’ve been using his methods for 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier or healthier. 

Do you want that squeaky clean feeling in your teeth without going to the dentist? Do you want to prevent and treat cavities at home, without shelling out a pretty penny doing so?

If you want to reclaim your own power to heal yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve made a video with Doug outlining how to take care of your dental health at home, with effective methods that definitely work. 

Your teeth are alive!

Most of us tend to see our teeth as not alive. When they crack, we repair them with glue. But that’s just not the case, and it’s not the right way to take care of our teeth. Our teeth are in fact living entities in our bodies. Teeth have a system for healing themselves just like other parts of our bodies do.

A tooth has a matrix that’s made of something similar to bone and it’s covered in calcium. In order to keep our teeth healthy, we need to maintain the quality of the inner parts of our teeth and we need to nourish our body so that our enamel has a chance to regenerate and heal itself. This is in fact the basis of good tooth care.

Helping our bodies do what they are already meant to do is the basis of alternative and holistic medicine, and it’s what I’m going to try to teach you with the video I made with Doug Simons.

Who is Doug Simons?

Doug Simons is an herbalist and holistic healer who basically lives primitively out in the wilderness. He has spent most of the last 30 years living off the land very primitively in the New Mexico wilderness. He is a gifted healer and a modern medicine man, if you will.

He observed how animals took care of their own teeth, and then he learned from primitive peoples, like the Tarahumara Indians of North Western Mexico, how they take of their teeth. He took this wealth of knowledge and now teaches others how to take care of their own teeth with things found in nature, all without paying a cent.

Doug is not a run-of-the-mill guy. Some have called him a tree-hugger, but that doesn’t take away from his expertise. You may have seen him on the Home Grown Food Summit. He gave a wonderful and informative presentation that got extraordinary feedback from our viewers.

You can be imparted with all of Doug’s knowledge and wisdom for a price much lower than that of a single dentist’s visit! He can then teach you how to take care of your teeth, without paying a dime!

What Others Have Said

“About 2 months after attending a weekend workshop with Doug Simons on herbal tooth care, a big chip broke off the back of one of my front teeth. My immediate response was “Oh my God, I need to call the dentist,” but then I heard Doug’s wise voice in my mind say, “Don’t panic, you have time.”

Kathy Gould, Registered Herbalist, Meas AZ
“Alternatives to Dentists contains practical information that EVERYONE can benefit from. Many of us don’t have dental insurance, or don’t like the options dentists have offered. And we are in dire straits as far as gum and tooth health. Alternatives to dentists offers solutions that have demonstrated results.”

Nicole Telkes, Registered Herbalist. - The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine 

“The time Doug has spent in the wilderness gives him a unique perspective you don’t want to miss. Buy Doug’s DVD on “Alternatives to Dentists“ and you won't be disappointed. Doug has a special gift to teach practical applications of how to use the plants  with gentle yet powerful results.”

Deb Buck of Boulder, Colorado

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover:
Dental hygiene without brushes, paste, or floss
Healing cavities with herbs
Treating abscesses with herbs and poultices
Treating cracked and chipped teeth
Here’s the full table of contents for this video:
Taking care of your teeth

• The natural system of self-care and how to enhance it
• How to maintain high quality teeth and correct low quality teeth
• How to repair: cavities, cracks, and breaks
Additional information

• Wisdom teeth
• Gum health
• Root canals
• Understanding modern dentistry

This knowledge has been around for lifetimes

Did Doug create and invent this method for dental care? No. He observed what primitive tribes and animals were doing to take care of their teeth and he applied it to his own dental health.

Our aim is to not only improve our own health, but to also keep alive the skills passed down from our ancestors, and to unburden ourselves from a chemically driven health care monopoly.

You don’t need products that are made in factories to keep your teeth healthy. You can find everything you need in nature, and you don’t need to pay the big dental industries to get it.

You could spend hours of time doing research, reading books, posting in blog forums, or going out and getting the information yourselves…

Or… you could watch this jam-packed video that will give you everything I learned from Doug from the comfort of your own couch.

Just get the raw information and step-by-step instructions from Doug on how to properly take care of your teeth, keeping them alive, healthy, and regenerating.

It took me years of improper dental care, cavities, and frustration before I finally found Doug, and two years later my teeth are in the best health they’ve ever been.

Simple and straight to the point

Just get the raw information and step-by-step instructions from Doug on how to properly take care of your teeth, keeping them alive, healthy, and regenerating.

It took me years of improper dental care, cavities, and frustration before I finally found Doug, and two years later my teeth are in the best health they’ve ever been.

You spend $650 a year on dental care....

According to a 2014 report from the ADA, the average American dental patient spends over $650 a year on dental care. When you get to be 65 years old and older, that number jumps to $800 per year. That’s $111 billion dollars nationally spent on dental care per year.

More disturbing is that that same report has found that dental spending has decreased over the last few years, likely because of the 2008 recession. People are looking to cut costs, and are cutting dental visits in the process.

Many people look up ways of cutting costs in their health care with home remedies, but how many look for home remedies for dental care? Most people don’t know that these methods are out there and are easy and effective!

How much did you spend the last time you had a dentist appointment? $100? $300? Or maybe even $500? My last dental bill was $667!

What would it be worth to you to learn even just a few tips for how to take better care of your teeth? If you’re willing to spend that much on your dental maintenance, how much would you spend on educating yourself?

To take a workshop with Doug Simons, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars, not to mention travel expenses.

Instead, you can take the workshop in the comfort of your own home! Doug’s methods are simple, natural, and they definitely work. And they’re yours for the low cost of $27 plus shipping and handling of our comprehensive DVD and companion booklet.

Digital Access
DVD & Digital

Wait! I have another bonus for you! 

For your bonus, I want to let you in on a little secret. The main herb that Doug recommends for helping to rebuild enamel and strengthen your teeth is one that you can easily grow in your backyard! 

This herb is so important for the health of your teeth, I’ve created a booklet that shows you:

• What it looks like
• Where to find it (and it really grows everywhere!)
• How much water and sun it needs to grow
• How to harvest it

This booklet is another bonus that comes with the DVD package when we send you your order. 

Order now and get access to the live Q&A teleseminar with Doug Simons and receive the bonus booklet about that special herb Doug recommends to strengthen your teeth!

Digital Access
DVD & Digital

Adopting a holistic lifestyle

Watching this DVD will not be the sole provider of your holistic health. These techniques work best as part of a holistic strategy, including a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet and a healthy, active lifestyle.

These are the values I preach every day and try to spread to as many people as possible using the tools at my disposal.

I worked personally with Doug to produce this video. I traveled to his home turf to record his knowledge about traditional tooth care so I could share this gold mine of knowledge with you.

Don’t hesitate! Become more independent, get off the grid, and become self-reliant with this video. Purchase my DVD and take your first step towards holistic dental health. 

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