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Once You Try This Adventurous Food Source
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FROM: Marjory Wildcraft, Creator of Grow Your Own Groceries

Dear Friend,

Are you sure you have enough food to eat… no matter what?

I’ve spent years perfecting my gardening techniques, storing food and raising livestock to ensure my family never goes hungry.

All in an effort to become food self-reliant.

Yet I found growing enough essential Omega-3 fats, high-quality protein and even some minerals required to fully satisfy our family’s nutritional needs a challenge. And friends who live in the city found it nearly impossible.

Until I met Allen Davisson.

Imagine what it would be like to step outside your door anytime you want and grab some of the most nutritious food on earth, full of Omega-3 fats, protein and fiber. Sustainable food you don’t have to plant, grow or tend to. Tasty food you can find and enjoy in virtually every climate and environment.

That’s exactly what Allen showed me … and what I’d like to share with you today.

The Food the West Forgot?

Examine the traditional Western diet and you’ll see that it’s junk. Empty calories. Genetically modified foods. And more often than not covered in scary pesticides and herbicides.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to eat healthy food.

I love fresh organic veggies from my backyard garden. I raise rabbits and chickens for meat. But like most Americans, I had been overlooking a major food source everywhere around me: bugs.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, insects form part of the traditional diets of at least 2 billion people.

Today, anywhere from 10% to 60% of animal protein consumed comes from bugs, depending on country and time of year. In fact, insects are a common food source pretty much everywhere except the United States and Europe.

Still, when I first thought about eating bugs, my first thought was “yuck!”

How Do You Get Past The Yuck Factor?

Like many Americans, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to pop a grub, cricket or mealworm in my mouth the first time and start chowing down.

But I’ve traveled all over and know people in other cultures eat bugs all the time. I wondered how I could get from “eww” to “mmm.”

Then I remembered Allen Davisson from central Texas. He’s a widely known expert on the science and practice of eating bugs.

Making a long story short, I called Allen over to show me which bugs were best to eat and how to make them even tastier. Together we threw a huge party, invited a bunch of friends over and tried them together.

Guess what? The party was a huge hit. And almost everyone who came couldn’t eat just one bug. The truth is when you know the best bugs to eat they’re surprisingly delicious.

Now we throw a huge bug fest every year. Even finicky kids are often first at the table and last to leave.

Thanks to Allen, I now know how to find a satisfying source of nutritious protein, Omega-3 fats and essential amino acids virtually anywhere.

Even if I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere - my next meal could be as close as the next blade of grass or fallen log. And so could yours, if you know what Allen showed me.

Yes, People Really Enjoy Eating Bugs

In fact, here's what several had to say the first time they tried one...

"That's pretty tasty..."

Corky Ballas, Professional Dancer (Father of DWTS dancer Mark Ballas)

"Mmm, it is good! It's Crunchy..."

Mother of Doomsday Prepper, Kevin Barber

"They're Great. Awesome. You gotta try this..."

9-year-old Son of Doomsday Prepper, Kevin Barber

"I'm going to have another..."

Kaitlyn Muñoz, KABB San Antonio Associate Producer

"I'm Going To Sound Weird Saying It..."

It actually tastes very good. I’m not going to lie. This is not hard. It’s like the meat is actually meat.”

Cassandra Lazenby, Daytime @ Nine TV Show Host

By the way, every one of them not only loved eating insects,
they immediately grabbed more bugs to eat. They really are good!


Yes, There's A Trick To It...

If there were ever a food crisis, or you were stranded in the wild without food, I’d like you to know how to survive - and even thrive!

Knowing which bugs are safe to eat… which offer the tastiest morsels… and how to easily find and harvest insects for food not only could provide a fun party meal, it could save your life.

That’s why I asked Allen to put together The American Bug Eater’s Handbook.

In his video and ebook combo, Allen clearly explains everything you want to know before diving into the world of entomophagy.


What bugs actually taste like

Which common bugs are always safe to eat

How to catch enough bugs to satisfy your appetite

Which bugs taste best - and which you probably ought to save for true survival situations only

How to attract and even farm insects as a food source

Which bugs you can eat raw...and which you shouldn't

Campfire recipes that turn bugs into a gourmet meal

Plus lots more...

You won’t find this information in such clear, simple-to-digest information anywhere else.

In one afternoon watching Allen’s video and reading through his short yet comprehensive ebook, you can turn from a squeamish bug hater to your neighborhood’s most informed entomophagist.

Most importantly, simply knowing what Allen shares in The American Bug Eater’s Handbook ensures you and your family will have a reliable, high-quality food source come what may.

When you order today, you’ll get instant access to everything. Allen’s full half hour video and 40-page ebook details and demonstrates everything you need to know about eating insects. Nothing is left out.

And right now Allen is allowing me to offer the entire package to you for the ridiculously low price of $5.

No joke! You can hardly get an antibiotic-injected pink slime hamburger topped with pesticide-treated, wilted lettuce and a side of saturated fat-laden french fries at your local fast food joint for that.

But today your $5 gets you a lifetime of knowledge about one of the most sustainable, healthy foods on earth.


You have absolutely nothing to lose by shedding a few unwarranted inhibitions and giving the information inside The American Bug Eater’s Handbook a try.

As a personal friend of Allen Davisson, I personally stand behind every word in The American Bug Eater’s Handbook and guarantee it three ways:

1) I guarantee The American Bug Eater’s Handbook tells you everything you need to know to easily find, prepare and eat insects as a safe, abundant and tasty food source.

2) I guarantee you won’t find a more complete product showing how to get started with entomophagy in simple laymen’s terms for any price.

3) I guarantee you’ll appreciate every morsel found inside this product. In fact, if you don’t love eating bugs after trying what you’ll learn inside The American Bug Eater’s Handbook, just let me know in the next 60 days and I’ll send you back every penny. And you can even keep the product!


Remember, when you order today you get instant access to The American Bug Eater’s Handbook including Allen’s fully detailed 40-page ebook and his half hour video demonstration.

So set aside any inhibitions and open up to an entirely new culinary world. Your purchase is fully guaranteed so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Bon Appétit!

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