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How Much Land Do You Need To Grow All The Food For Your Family?
Do you need 100 acres, or can you do it in just 4 sq.ft.  (like some internet ads claim)?  This eBook covers how much land you need and how much land you can realistically work. 

Quick Reference Chart of Top 25 Herbs
This is a handy chart of the top 25 herbs to use when living off-grid (especially for post-disaster or emergency scenarios).

Simple And Effective Watering Systems For Small Livestock

Step-by-step guide shows how to easily construct a simple gravity-fed watering system good for poulty, rabbits, goats, sheep, and other small livestock. 

Home Made Shampoo
Natural off-grid hair care using plants and techniques that Native Americans used.  WIth recipes and detailed lists of plants for every bio-region.

10 Survival Crops: How To GrowThem and Save Thier Seeds
This is the comic book everyone is raving about.  A fun approach, with solid information, on a very serous topic.You might conside getting this one for th kids to colr, and you'll learn a lot in the process too.   
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And here's just a HANDFUL of the best-selling authors +  thought leaders who have given presentations or taught online classes for our members!
Geoff Lawton
World renowned Permaculture Designe

Carol Deppe
Founder/ owner of Fertile Valley Seeds

John Jeavons
Executive Director, Ecology Action

Machaelle Wright
Author, Researcher & Co-Creative Scientist

Joel Salatin
"America's Farmer"

Dr. Patrick Jones

David The Good
Naturalist, Part-time Scientist and Hard-core Gardener

Marjory Wildcraft
Founder, The [Grow] Network

Jacqueline Freeman
Author & Speaker

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~ About The Grow Network ~

The Grow Network is the online home of a global network of people who are producing their own food and medicine. 

The purpose of the organization is to stop the destruction of the Earth.

I know, that sounds kind of crazy...  I used to be afraid to even whisper it to myself, much less write it up publicly on the internet.  But the situation is dire and we have to do something.  I do not believe that any significant or real change is going to come from the big corporations or our Governments. 

There is a growing movement of people who are being called to do this necessary and deeply meaningful work. 

Currently there are over 119,879 of us in The Grow Network with more people joining every day.  We value freedom, usefulness, sustainability, simplicity, soil, sunlight, and water.

We are open to all religions, diets, and political parties.  We grow food for many reasons including health, spirituality, preparedness, and for whatsoever.

Our organization is still tiny and in it's early days.  There is much more to come.  We envision building a platform to help teach the millions and tens of millions it will take to have a significant impact.

In fact, our catalyzing statement is "Home grown food on every table".

So, do you want to come along and take the first step towards becoming free of supermarkets and drugstores?

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