How to Grow HALF Your Food, In Your Own Back Yard, In Less than 1 Hour Per Day

This Simple New System Will Show You How Anyone Can Start Growing Nutritious and Wholesome Food, Right Now

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From: Marjory Wildcraft
RE: Declare Your Independence from Supermarkets and Drug Stores, Right Now

Dear Friend,

Hello, my name is Marjory Wildcraft.

Years ago, I decided to make a big change for myself and my family.

It all started when I noticed that many of our friends and relatives were experiencing health problems related to their diets. When I started to research the cause of these problems, I quickly became concerned about the quality of the food that my family was eating. As it turned out, the food that we were buying from our local supermarket did not provide the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies needed… not even close.

I had young children at the time, and their nutrition was extremely important to me. I decided that I was going to find a better source of food for my family – no matter what!

It didn’t take long before I discovered that the most wholesome and nutritious food available on earth is homegrown. The only problem was… I didn’t know how to grow my own food. I had no idea! I started with nothing other than a handful of old gardening books and a dream of healthy, nutritious food for my family.

I started attending every workshop and seminar I could find, and reading every gardening book that I could get my hands on. It took a couple of years, but eventually my gardens started to produce a lot of food – and before long, I was the one teaching the seminars!

The Reason Why Homegrown Food is Essential for EVERY Family

Over the years since that time, I have helped thousands of people start growing their own wholesome and nutritious food, right in their own back yards. I take a great deal of pride in every single family I have helped, and it always warms my heart to see the bright, glowing faces of people who are getting every bit of the nutrition their bodies need.

But there have also been some failures… people who I haven’t been able to help… yet. Some of my students simply couldn’t find the time to make it work. Others couldn’t find the space. And some people could never find the confidence… no matter how much I tried to encourage them.
But I never gave up on them. I believe so strongly that everyone deserves the very best nourishment.

Every child, every adult, and every elder – we all deserve to have food that provides the nutrition our bodies need for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

With these people in mind, I set out to develop a simple new system that would allow anyone to grow at least half of their own food, in less than one hour per day. And today, I’m very proud to say that my new system, How to Grow Half Your Own Food, has already become a smashing success!
The system breaks food production down into three core components – a garden, a chicken coop, and a rabbit hutch. Each component contributes to the overall calorie production, and together the system provides an excellent source of homegrown nutrition that is easy for anyone to follow.
A Simple System Designed Especially for YOU

My simple new system, How to Grow Half Your Own Food, is designed specifically for people who are looking for an easy-to-follow plan that will greatly increase the nutritional value of their diets, without making a significant impact on their budget or schedule.

If you fall in to one or more of the categories below, then this system is designed just for you:

1. People with Busy Schedules
If you are busy with work, kids, or other life responsibilities – this program is for you. Watch my 1 hour video, and then spend less than 1 hour per day to implement this simple system. In less than 1 year, you can be producing half of your own food… right at home.

2. People with Limited Space
Do you live in a suburban area with neighbors on every side? Or are you limited to a small backyard in the city? If so, I built this system with you in mind. You can begin implementing this simple system in an area as small as 10-feet by 10-feet. And every component in the system can be easily adjusted to fit whatever space you have available.

3. People who Want an Instant Setup with no Trial and Error
Some people don’t mind taking things slowly and learning lessons the hard way. To tell you the truth, that’s the way I prefer to learn too! But many people just don’t have time to experiment in the garden, and they need an instant setup that will work right away. If that’s you, this new program will be a perfect fit. I have taken all the guesswork out of this reliable food production system. Simply follow my lead and you’ll be up and running in no time.

If you’re a prepper, this is an ideal system for you. No electricity is required, and it’s entirely scalable – so you’ll have plenty of work for all your in-laws who used to think you were crazy!

I recommend that you work an hour a day and spend four months getting your garden established, then spend four months working on your laying flock, then spend four months building out the rabbitry. But you can start all three components at once if you want to.

To make sure that you have everything you’ll need – I’m including a wealth of additional resources, references, and supplemental guides… all 100% free.
Who Is Marjory Wildcraft?

I am the founder of The Grow Network, an online community of 110,000+ people around the world who have declared our independence from supermarkets and drug stores by beginning to grow our own food and medicine. We’re open to all religions, diets, and political parties. Our members have chosen this path for a variety of reasons including health, spirituality, preparedness… and just for fun!
I host The Grow Network’s annual Home Grown Food Summit, which reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers every year. And I have also been featured as an expert in sustainable living on television, radio, and in print productions including National Geographic, Mother Earth News, Coast to Coast AM, The Natural News, and many more.

I work with universities, missionary organizations, and NGOs that are dedicated to teaching people how to grow their own sustainable food supplies. My instructional materials are in use today in more than 30 countries around the world.

What is Included in the How to Grow Half Your Own Food DVD Set?

The How to Grow Half Your Own Food DVD set includes all the information you need to begin implementing the three components of this simple new system. Here is an overview of what you will receive:
A physical DVD disk featuring my signature instructional video, How to Grow Half Your Own Food (in your back yard in less than an hour per day)
A second physical DVD disk with more than 3 hours of supporting material featuring expert presentations that go in-depth on each component of this simple system:
Garden Soils 101
Presented by Stacey Murphy, Founder of BK Farmyards
Picking Heritage Chickens Presented by Jeanette Beranger, Senior Program Manager for The Livestock Conservancy
Picking Heritage Rabbits
Presented by Jeannette Beranger for the Livestock Conservancy
Priceless insights into the most common mistakes that beginners make, and the most closely guarded secrets of the experts
Recommendations for the most prolific crops that will yield the highest nutritional value in the smallest amount of space
A mathematical breakdown of the calories you need, and the calories you will be able to produce using each component of this simple system
Volumes of supporting reference materials, all hosted digitally online and available for you to view, print, or download any time
But Wait… There’s MORE!

When I set out to design the How to Grow Half Your Own Food system, I took care to only choose simple and intuitive components that anyone can implement on their own.

But I know from experience that some people will inevitably run into snags as they roll out the system. And that’s the reason why I also put together a full set of supplemental reference materials that are included with every copy of How to Grow Half Your Own Food.

All these materials are hosted digitally online, and will be available for you to view, print, or download at your convenience, 100% FREE:

Video – How to Raise Rabbits in Colonies ($29.95 FREE)

Video – Garden Tools and Techniques for Elders ($29.95 FREE)

eBook – How to Make an Off-Grid Automatic Livestock Waterer ($19.95 FREE)

eBook – Tanning Rabbit Hides ($19.95 FREE)

Quick Reference – Nutritional Value of Alternative Feedstocks for Rabbits FREE

Quick Reference – The Grow Network List of Recommended Seed Companies FREE

Start Producing Your Own Nutritious, Delicious Homegrown Food Today
I am so excited about this simple new system because I know that it will deliver healthier, more nourishing, and more delicious food to you and your family – right away.

Gathering all the knowledge and experience that is contained in this DVD set would take you years of time and cost you hundreds of dollars in books – or thousands of dollars in formal education.

But I am offering it to you today, with all of the supporting materials listed above, for the low one-time investment of only $19.95.

Please don’t delay any longer. Order today and start growing the very best food for yourself and your family.

PS – Please do let me know about your success with this simple new system! Hearing from the people who have used my programs to begin growing healthy, clean food is the single biggest reason why I have continued teaching these skills for so many years.
I know that you and your family will love the results. And I know that you will love the experience – I’ve seen it happen so many times. But each success story is so special and unique – and I can’t wait to hear yours!

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