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The Home Medicine Summit may be over...

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Because while the event was live, online, from May 14th through May 20th, the good news is that we've recorded it all.   So that with a LIFETIME PASS, you can watch the entire event, from beginning to end, over and over, as many times as you like!

42+ speaker presentations ... over 40 hours of video interviews, live tours, demos, and training! 

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... 42+ Leading Experts, Helping You Become Free of 
Drugstores By Learning To Use Food As Medicine!

Presentations Will Include ...
Mike Adams
Food Forensics
Ronnie Cummins
Healing the Planet Through Regenerative Agriculture
Sally Fallon
The Baptist Woman’s Cookbook
Sayer Ji
Protecting Your Heart Health
Nick Polizzi
(The Sacred Science)
The 7 Pillars of Shamanic Healing
Melinda Myers
Growing Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs in Containers
Joel Salatin

Organic Standards & Organic Food (Not What You Think)

Eric Zielinski
Yes, Cannibis! 
Howard Garrett
(The Dirt Doctor)
Tips For Planting In Containers, Beds, and Farms
Justin Rhodes
Planning Your Best Homestead Ever
Paul Wheaton
Appropriate Technology:  Food Prep & Preservation
Jill Winger
Raised Bed Gardening
Stacey Murphy
Turning Failure Into Success … Using Statistics To Improve Yields
Paul Munsen

How To Capture Sunlight To Grow, Bake, Boil, Dehydrate, Pasteurize, Restore, and So Much More.

Wardee Harmon
Sourdough & The Ancient Wheat Einkorn
Tom Elpel
Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams
Tom Bartels

Supercharge Your Soil with Natural Systems (And Give Yourself A Break!)

Kami McBride

Garden Herb Walk

Austin Martin
Backyard Bacon - Raising Feeder Pigs
Lauri Neverman
5 Tips To Take Your Tomatoes Beyond Organic
Deborah Niemann
Nutrition Hacks For Super Healthy Meat & Milk From Goats
David Goodman
Turning Trash Trees Into Productive Fruit Trees +  Starting Spring Gardens From Scratch
Hannah Crum

Kombucha & The Human Microbiome

Rick Sapio
Values Based Decision Making
Patrick Jones
Making Herbal Medicine +
10 Plants That Can Change Your Life
Jacqueline Freeman
Attracting Pollinators To Increase Your Garden Yields
Rico Silvera

Preserving Meishan Pigs As A Source Of Premium Pork

Leila Mireskandari
5 Game-Changing Tips To Building Success In A Kids’ Garden
Kirsten Shockey
Fermented Hot Sauce: Making Your Own Probiotics
Justin Rhoner
Grow More Underground
Amy Landers
Four Garden Habits for Healthy Soil and Happy Plants
Deb Swanson
50 Shades of Blue: Natural Remedies for our Daily Angst and Anxiety
Dani Lavoire

The Home Death Movement: Reclaiming The Healing Power of Death

Bill McDormand
Source The Best Seeds For Your Garden
Kari Spencer
Reverse Engineering Your Garden Planning
Stephanie Syson
Growing Tomatoes In Cold Climates
Jerome Osentowski
How To Create And Maintain A Tropical Greenhouse
Charlene Couch
Poultry Behavior & Health
Lori Rose
The Taste of Herbs:  Finding The Perfect Herb and Herbal Preparation For YOU!
Don Tipping
Seed Saving Simplified
Bert Middleton
Gout Freedom Through Gardening
Kristi Dranginis
The 4 Counter Culture Ingredients To Becoming A Better Birder
Doug Simons
Plants of A Desert Herbalist
Nicole Telkes
How To Make A Living As An Herbalist

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  •  42+ Video Presentations
    (mp4 video download format or watch online)

  • 42+ Audio Discussions
    (mp3 audios of each interview)

  • Hundreds of pages of full interview transcripts
    (PDF format)

    *Shipping Available in US Only

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