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12 Most Common Ailments...

... See How You Can EASILY Treat Them All At Home!"

Tuesday, 8:43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Long before Tylenol, Bengay or Nyquil, there was herbal medicine.

There were no drug stores. 

Instead, mothers looked in their family garden or nearby meadows and woods for specific plants known to possess curative properties.

Proven remedies passed down from generation to generation were often as effective as a bottle of pills bought from today’s store shelf...

... And often posed less risk of harming their patient.

Many of them originated with medicine women and men who practiced the art of releasing the essence of hidden cures buried in the roots, leaves, and flowers of various plants.

One plant’s root could ease coughs. Sap from another would soothe burns. Often certain processes were vital for getting the full benefit.

These are the SECRETS and POWER of herbal medicine. 

But perhaps the biggest secret is...

These SAME Healing Powers Remain Available 
For You To Learn... And Use... Today...

Yet somehow in our modern era this hard-won knowledge has become largely forgotten.

Today, many of these plants are called weeds...

... Their medicinal value unrecognized. 

Others are used as ornamentals and foods... still waiting patiently for you to unlock their healing properties.

All you need is a little know-how.

That’s why I’m here: 

To invite you to join me on a journey of discovery.

One that will reveal these once common pioneer medicines and ancient therapies now hidden in plain sight. 

An adventure that will open the door to a new found lifestyle of self-reliant and sustainable everyday healthcare.

Re-discover Pioneer Medicines & Ancient Therapies 
... That Have Been HIDDEN In Plain Sight.

And Be Empowered To Use These Healing Gifts In Your Home.

That’s the purpose of our wildly popular Home Medicine 101 Certification.

In just eight brief weeks, you'll discover how to easily create your own natural healing remedies!

 Using plants and herbs you can:

• Grow in your backyard.
• Grow on your kitchen windowsill.
• Pick up at the local grocer.
• Or, like ancient healers, find in a local meadow.

Twelve of the most common first aid and general discomfort scenarios will be addressed using all natural plant and herbal remedies.

Past participants found completing the certification to be an excellent way to get a solid grounding in herbal medicine.

Even those with years of experience are likely to pick up some helpful tips thanks to the depth of expertise our instructor brings to the certification.

Guiding us along the way will be my good friend and registered herbalist Nicole Telkes.

Meet Your Guide On This Journey: 

A gifted educator, Nicole Telkes is the Director of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine near Austin, Texas.

Just like medicine women of old, Nicole was introduced to wildcrafting as a child... finding and harvesting plants from their natural habitat, alongside her grandmother.

A close family friend who had survived Hitler’s concentration camps further opened her young eyes to the world of herbal medicine.

Nicole’s formal education continued as an adult with a BA in Environmental Resource Management with a minor in Botany.

But her true expertise as a holistic healer comes from HUNDREDS of hours spent sitting at the feet of herbalist masters like: 

Margi Flint, Howie Brounstein and the late Michael Moore

... Helping countless individuals through her herbal practice and apothecary... and imparting her vast knowledge to others every chance she gets.  

It’s her desire to see an herbalist in every home... restoring this natural and sustainable grassroots approach to personal healthcare to communities around the world.

Now you see why Nicole is perfectly suited to lead this fun and educational certification for us. 

And why I’m delighted Nicole agreed to do so.

Over the course of eight lessons, she’ll detail which herbs, spices and other plants can be used for numerous health benefits and exactly how to use them for maximum benefit.

What You’ll Learn in Just 8 Weeks...

The Home Medicine 101 Certification was designed as an 8-week program to allow you ample time to practice your new found skills, even with a busy schedule.

However, each lesson and its related homework should only take about an hour of your time.

Still, this is a journey of exploration. I encourage you to take whatever time you need to practice and master each new concept. Ask as many questions as you wish. And since each video lesson is pre-recorded, no one will rush you through.

Move forward only when you’re ready – take as little or as much time as you need. 

That way by the end of your certification you’ll be confident you really can make your own home medicine for use with every one of the conditions listed below.

Here's an overview of what we'll cover together:  

Week 1 – Burns, Stings, and Rashes ...

Burns, stings and rashes are some of the most common first aid scenarios you’ll come across in daily living.

So we’ll tackle this topic right off the bat. 

By the time you complete the very first leg of your certification, you’ll already know..

Which soothing, cooling, drawing and astringing plants calm burns, stings and rashes.

Two plants you should keep on your kitchen windowsill to help relieve burning and itching FASTER than store-bought remedies.

A commonplace – and free – backyard ingredient to mix into your home remedies for fast relief after tangling with poison ivy or to help draw out splinters and stingers.

Multiple common “weeds” you’ll want to look for in your neighborhood and have on hand for treating bites and stings.

How to make a strong tea from the bark or leaves of a familiar tree for an instant astringent to aid healing of oozing rashes and wounds

Week 2 – Wounds and Lacerations...

Prevention may be the best medicine...

... But when bumps, bruises, abrasions and cuts happen you’ll know the right approach to speed healing and fight infection. 

Natural remedies you’ll learn how to identify, make and use during this second lesson include...

A natural blood clotting European-imported weed that also kills infection.

How to properly clean “dirty wounds” plus the best way to apply herbs to these kinds of lacerations.

The battle-proven plant used by World War I soldiers to stop bleeding and fight infections... plus it helps bruises, too!

How to easily tell which plants are most likely to kill germs so you’ll always have infection-fighting options close at hand.

The #1 plant to have on hand for fighting infection – it’s powerful enough to help prevent the spread of toxic and nephritic wounds and to draw poison out of the body.

Plus how to use honey to fight infections – but only if you use the right kind Nicole describes. (Yes, it really works and is commonly used in European hospitals!)

Week 3 – Coughs and Colds...

Coughs come in two general forms, dry and wet. 

Dry, raspy coughs need to be treated differently than wet coughs produced in mucus-filled lungs. 

During WEEK 3 of your certification you’ll learn how to treat both kinds of cough and more, including...

Which colors of phlegm may indicate a lung infection rather than a minor irritation.

How to make a tea from an aromatic root found at every Asian grocer to coat your throat, stop coughing spasms and fight inflammation.

A sweet, soothing treatment for your throat that also reduces inflammation and kills bacteria – and a suitable alternative if you don’t have it on hand.

How to make an infusion from the leaf of a weed found across North America – and perhaps in your own yard – which serves as a great expectorant for relieving wet coughs.

The versatile meal ingredient so versatile you’ll always want to keep some on hand to help calm spasmodic coughs, fight infections and relieve pain.

And finally, an amazing poultice to rub on your chest and back that relieves even the worst lingering coughs.

Week 4 – Fevers

If your first instinct when you catch a fever is to bring the fever down, you’ll gain a new perspective during this week’s lesson. 

Nicole presents a holistic approach to handling fevers by helping move pathogens out of your body faster so you can feel better sooner. By the end of the lesson you’ll know...

When to be concerned by a fever: How long is too long? How hot is too hot? What other symptoms should cause concern?

Which herbs and other powerful methods to use to boost your body’s vitality and push out pathogens faster... and others to relieve those misery-creating cold, flu and fever symptoms.

Which herbs are best at fighting viruses... which are great as antibacterial or antifungal remedies... and which are generally helpful for almost any fever.

An old-fashioned method of giving your body the extra dose of nutrition it needs to recover without overloading your system with heavy foods. (Even better than chicken soup!)

And, of course, how to bring down a fever when you need to.

Week 5 – Indigestion and Stomach Aches

Moving into the second half of our journey together, Nicole shares four flavorful types of herbs and spices that deliver surprising and noticeable improvements to your overall digestion and comfort...

Ever wonder why many ethnic foods have such a distinct smell and flavor? The real reason often has little to do with taste!

Instead of “taking something afterwards” to deal with indigestion, simply include a small portion of this prolific weed as part of your meal – you’ll probably find it growing in your yard.

Discover herbs that stimulate better digestion... and which ones to use instead if you suffer from ulcers, acid reflux or other forms of acidic pain.

A secret you’ll want to know if you ever have to deal with the upset stomach that often accompanies a hangover.

Try the tasty aromatic plant that’s easy to grow virtually anywhere - simply add some of it to any meal to relieve cramping and bloating from excess gas and indigestion.

Plus all the best ways to get the FASTEST herbal relief possible for digestive distress.

Week 6 – Anxiety and Insomnia

Don’t worry, be happy... 

... Because this week Nicole is going to guide you through how to calm an overactive nervous system – the most common cause of both anxiety and insomnia

Rather than taking the first conventional response of taking medicines, try these proven natural solutions instead...

First try replenishing your mineral levels with these three weeds which are full of micro-nutrients most who suffer from anxiety or insomnia are deficient in.

One weed in particular (typically found in old agricultural areas) has a seed head with calming, sedative mineral restorative benefits.

A tea made from this beautiful flower found throughout the deep southern U.S. states is an amazing sedative and calming agent for those susceptible to anxiety or panic attacks.

Another native flower found across the country is particularly helpful for bringing a calm focus, minimizing everyday stress and related headaches. If you’re already on stress or anxiety medications, this one can help make them more effective (let your doctor know, you might be able to cut back).

Plus one more flower that helps relieve digestive stress and bring down that generally overwhelmed feeling some of us experience when stressed.

Week 7 – Muscle Aches and Pains

Nicole starts off this leg of your journey by helping you determine whether your pain is:

(1) Muscular-based for treatment with the remedies in this section, or ... 

(2) Something else like nerve pain. 

Then she’ll describe:

The critical nutrient your body needs to relieve muscle pain – and which nutritive herbs are high in it to help you recover faster.

A native shrub whose bark is highly effective at relieving muscle cramps and spasms fast – plus how to harvest the bark without causing long-term harm to the plant..

Several types of trees with bark or sap you can use to make your own natural pain relieving muscle rubs and tinctures for internal use.

How to create home remedies featuring a wonder root you can use both internally and externally to help relieve virtually every kind of crampeven menstrual cramps!

Week 8 – Topical Infections

Wrapping up our certification, Nicole delves into basic home remedies for infections... 

Including delicate areas!

Like the eyes, nose, mouth and genital area. 

In this final leg of your journey you’ll learn about...

One ingredient to include in almost EVERY REMEDY for areas like the eyes, nose, mouth and genitals to prevent irritating imbalances!

A famous flower with an essence that can be easily consolidated and used to draw out infections from even the most delicate areas.

A pretty European garden herb you can grow virtually anywhere in the United States and use to boost your immune system and promote faster healing.

A powerhouse anti-fungal and anti-microbial you can harvest by foraging a weed found throughout North America to promote faster healing of virtually any wound.

A unique Asian method of using herbal remedies – particularly for healing sensitive genital issues – without the irritation of direct application.

Plus several more herbs and flowers that can be prepared for use in relieving irritations, infections and wounds in all areas of the body.

Feel Confident Using These Herbal Remedies...

... Knowing You've Got The Skills & Training To Back Up Your Home Treatment Plans!

Often there’s no difference between preparing herbs for culinary versus medicinal purposes.  

They can taste good and have healing properties at the same time.

But other times you’ll need to prepare your home remedy for use by making a:

• Poultice
• Tincture
• Decoction 
• Salve
• etc.

In every case you’ll have a demonstration video at your fingertips.

Illustrating exactly how to make your own.

So you'll have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start making and using homemade herbal remedies to treat common illnesses and ailments.  

Because NOTHING is left out.

  • Since you'll enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire program, it's easy to refer back and review the video lessons, anytime you need a quick refresher.   
  • Plus - you can ask questions in the CLASS FORUM at any time.  And get answers from Nicole and fellow students, too.   (And participate in lively discussions that further cement the learning in your brain.) 

Rave Reviews From Past Students

"Nicole's Enthusiasm Is Contagious... She Makes It Easy!"

I find [Nicole's] enthusiasm for her course material to be delightfully contagious. 

I thought that the herbal preparations would be difficult but she revealed how simple, healthy, and cost effective these treatments can be, especially considering the harsh chemicals that are in commercial products.

Mama, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Instructor

"The Demos and Hands On Activities Were VERY Helpful!"

It was great to learn to make herbal remedies with great love and respect for the plants. The information was well presented. 

The demonstrations and “hands on” activities were very helpful!

Esther Schroeder

"Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable Teacher... A Pleasure To Hear!"

Nicole has a casual style of teaching that is well informed, interesting, and a pleasure to hear. She generously shares her passion and knowledge of herbalism. 

I wasn’t sure about taking the entire series of intensives until the first day of class and decided without reservation that I would be remiss not to take advantage of having such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher as Nicole.

Nancy Eldridge
RMT 7475


Gain Practical Kitchen Medicine Skills, And Be Empowered To Skip Pricey Visits To The Doctor For Minor Illnesses & Ailments.

Comparable training in herbal remedies and home medicine will cost you $295 to $495... even as much as $1200, depending who you're training with. 

However, I've always aimed to keep these certifications accessible to AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, so I'm committed to keeping our Home Medicine 101 Certification available for the one-time enrollment fee of just $30.

About the same cost as a SINGLE VISIT to a doctor for a minor health concern in the US. 

Less than 50% of an hour-long visit for a more serious issue.

Yet you'll get everything you need to naturally treat the dozen MOST COMMON first aid and general discomfort scenarios you’re bound to run into at home.

All using 100% NATURAL home medicines you can make yourself... anytime you want!

Take the Entire Certification...
You’ll Absolutely Love It or You Don’t Pay!


Obviously, Nicole has the background, experience, and satisfied students to PROVE... she’s the real deal!

I can absolutely promise that Nicole delivers on every aspect of the Home Medicine 101 Certification as described above...

... And then some. 

However, I also know that every now and then someone will come along and find that making herbal remedies and enjoying the security of being able to make their own medicine at home just isn’t for them.

That’s why, I offer all new students the opportunity to enroll in Home Medicine 101 and spend a FULL 60 DAYS learning with Nicole...

... Absolutely RISK FREE, thanks to our generous 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You must love it, or send an email to happiness@thegrownetwork.com and I'll be sure to issue a full, immediate refund, no questions asked.

The Entire Program In The Next 90 Minutes:
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It's difficult to put a price tag on peace of mind...

... Knowing you have the practical skills needed to confidently treat a dozen of the most common ailments that drive people into the doctor's office or hospital.

All without leaving your home.. 

Knowing that you can now share this ancient healing wisdom with others ... gift them with health using simple home remedies ... and reintroduce your family and community to the nearly lost art of herbal healing.

But I think you'll agree...  while the knowledge is likely priceless... $30 today is a fair investment.

Especially paired with the NO-RISK 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So now it's time to decide:  

And join us, on this journey of home medicine making...


And You'll Get These Three BONUS GIFTS

1)  Edible Walk: Master Herbalist Kami McBride will take you on a Garden Walk where you'll discover the culinary joys and medicinal uses of vibrantly colored delicious edible flowers (a digital video)

2)  Apocalypse Apothecary, by Dr. Patrick Jones (a digital video)

3)  The Ancient Art of Raw Vinegars, By Marjory Wildcraft and
     Tasha Greer (an eBook)



Again, that’s just $30 for the entire Home Medicine 101 Certification.

And you have 60 days, more than enough time to complete the entire certification and prove to yourself:

YES! You really can make your own home medicine and love doing it -- guaranteed or your money back.

Hope to see you in the class!

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