This Is Your Invitation To Stand With The Changemakers.
Together, Let's STOP Destruction Of The Earth By Industrial Agriculture and Big Pharma By Spreading The Message Of Sustainable, Home Grown Food And Medicine!

Join Us, Won't You?

A Letter from Marjory Wildcraft
Founder, The Grow Network

Dear Friend,

So much of what’s wrong in the world today can be traced back to industrial agriculture.

Industrial agriculture is polluting our air and water …  poisoning the bodies and minds of our children … and resulting in epidemic rates of life-threatening disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and so many more.

It’s impacting weather patterns on a global scale …  spreading antibiotic resistance … and it’s a greater threat to biodiversity than climate change, affecting more than 75% of the world’s threatened species of plants and animals.

Every day, we turn on the news, and we’re confronted with another headline:

Global food shortgages... mass extinction of plant and animal species... over 20 million people starving ... an explosion of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease...  a system that crushes the "little guy"  causing an epidemic of farmer suicides...

And these issues can, unfortunately, all be traced back to industrial agriculture and the global food monopoly:


The Global Food Monopoly Is Killing Us

With only 10 companies controlling almost every large food and beverage brand in the world, making BILLIONS of dollars in revenue, annually, it can feel pretty daunting, if not hopeless.

How do you, alone, fight this… ?

If You've Seen And Experienced THIS...

Then You Know This Isn't REAL Food...


And You Know This Is Just WRONG...

But What Can You Do? 

Education is critical if we're going to inspire people to make changes... 

... And unplug from industrial agriculture and Big Pharma. 

It’s the entire reason why, over a decade ago, I founded The Grow Network.   I saw the potential of the Internet to connect Changemakers from around the world... to collaborate ... trade knowledge... educate others... and inspire change!

And it’s why TODAY, I’d like to extend this special invitation to you:

Join Our Circle of Influence, 
And Help Us Inspire Action...​​​​  One Garden At A Time!

Here at The Grow Network, we believe home grown food on every table is the key to stopping the destruction of the earth and taking back control of the nation’s overall health and wellness.   

If this resonates with you, too, we’d like to invite you to join our inner circle of influence... 

Are you someone who is already...? 

Growing even a LITTLE of your own food or medicine? 

Doing your best to buy local produce and meat?

Participating in community gardens?

Sharing news and articles about GMOs, antibiotics resistance, etc. with friends? 

Maybe even volunteering your time to teach others gardening and homesteading skills?

If you're taking even SMALL STEPS to support the sustainable food and natural medicine movement, we'd love to welcome you to our inner circle of influence as a sponsor of The Grow Network. 

Our sponsors are the people who form the backbone of The Grow Network...

... Supporting our efforts to stop the destruction of the earth by supporting our efforts to
 educate, entertain, and INSPIRE more people to start growing their own food and medicine.

All through the free distribution of educational books, videos, and online events!

Help Us Raise The Global Food IQ


Most of our educational efforts here at The Grow Network are centered around the delivery of FREE, inspiring content that makes growing food and medicine accessible to folks from all walks of life.

For example, it’s with the support of about 1,250 Changemakers in the past 12 months, our scrappy little TGN team was able to host not one, but THREE global summits, teaching people how to grow their own food and medicine, and live more sustainably!


The Home Grown Food Summit 2016 & 2017

Plus the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit 2016.

These events drew just shy of 180,000 people to watch 7 days’ worth of FREE online presentations from 117 of the biggest names in online food production, natural health, homesteading, and herbal medicine...

Your Support Keeps So Much
Of This Education FREE!
Reaching Hundreds of Thousands People Annually:

It's also with the support of our sponsors that, every month, we’re able to distribute over 3.5 MILLION educational emails!

With access to in-depth DIY articles, free reports, and fun, yet inspiring videos like our Homesteading Basics series.


I'm sure you understand...

... Educating hundreds of thousands of people for FREE every month costs us a lot. 

Even though our team of seven all works from home offices ... and even though we all make a simple living wage because we're all PASSIONATE about this mission and educating the masses.... we still having ONGOING costs that need to be covered. 

And that's where you, our sponsors, come in. 

Together, We Can Inspire Change.

Over the last 36 months, I’ve been so grateful for the support of our Changemakers.

But there’s so much more work to be done, if we’re going to bring change.

And that’s why I’d like to humbly invite you to join us as a Changemaker.

In exchange for your ongoing commitment to sponsor our efforts to educate the world on the benefits of home grown food and medicine, we invite you to participate in our private inner circle.

Where you will immediately know you’re among likeminded friends, who are equally committed to living more healthfully and sustainably.  And who, like you, are looking for opportunities to help others do the same.

With Gratitude For Your Support, You'll Be Welcomed To Our Circle...
... With This Gift Package (Valued At Over $906.10)

Gift #1 - Join Me For A LIVE Podcast, With
A New Guest Expert Every Month


Every month, you’ll be invited to join me for a LIVE PODCAST, where I’ll be interviewing guest experts on timely, seasonal topics. 

Fun, fast-paced, and always good for a laugh, these podcasts allow us to dive deep into a variety of gardening, homesteading, and sustainable living topics, that would typically be reserved for “Master Classes.” 

In the last 6 months alone, we’ve covered… 

Practical homesteading skills everyone should start working on.

Straw bale gardening secrets

Growing plump, juicy, delicious tomatoes

Herbal remedies for boosting immunity, seasonal allergies, and more!

Garden bed prepping secrets

Co-creative gardening & plant communication.

And you’ll not only have access to these archived recordings, you’ll be invited to participate in a NEW live podcast each month.

With a live “Question & Answer” session where you’ll be invited to ask our guest experts any question that’s top of mind for you!

Gift #2 - A Fresh Episode of “On The Road”
(Delivered Monthly)

Behind the scenes, I’ve been quietly filming a brand-new series of videos, called “On The Road.” 

In these episodes, I’m visiting the homes of good friends and colleagues, fellow Changemakers, across the United States, taking tours of their homesteads, gardens, and favorite projects.

I’m interviewing them, asking them to show us their latest gardening projects and experiments...

... Ask them to explain what they’re doing and why they think it’s working.  And then we’re also brainstorming, discussing any projects that aren’t going as well, hashing out potential solutions.

I wanted you to have the experience of visiting the homes and gardens of folks who are truly committed to living our values… and enjoying the equivalent of a home tour and coffee chat with each of them.

This is a BRAND-NEW video series.  And if you join our inner circle as a sponsor today, you’ll receive immediate ongoing access, the moment this new series is released.

Gift #3 - Inside Edition, A Personal Letter From Marjory
(Delivered Monthly)

Every month, I write a personal letter to the inner circle of The Grow Network community … the only people I dare allow to read these highly personal writings. 😉

(Not even my husband Dave is allowed to read these, ha ha.)

Because each month, I offer you a look inside my current projects and adventures, my latest fascinations, as well as insights into who I’m currently learning from, or whose writings and teachings I’m studying.


Delivered to your email inbox once a month, these letters are intended to, hopefully, inspire new directions for your own learning, as well as provide insights into our behind-the-scenes projects and future plans for The Grow Network.

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the work you’re supporting!

Gift #4 - Take Self-Paced Video Training Certifications to Deepen Your Knowledge In Topics Critical To The Success of  Your Gardens.
(Currently 4 Available, With More Coming By The End Of 2017!)

Are you someone who likes to “watch and learn”?  Me, too!   That’s why all our Changemakers are automatically gifted unlimited access to ALL TGN video certification programs.  

These are essentially university-caliber training programs in key backyard farming topics like:

Instant Master Gardener Training

Bio-Intensive Gardening

Advanced Seed Saving

Home Medicine 101

With more being added by the end of 2017!

Each of these certifications are available for purchase in our store, for $97 each.

But as a Changemaker, we immediately gift you UNLOCKED ACCESS to them all.

Gift #5 - An Annual copy of the Farmer’s Almanac
(Shipped To You When Available, In Dec 2017/Jan 2018)

As a community supporter and Changemaker, we’ll be pleased to send you a gift copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac...

... Filled with wit, wisdom, folklore, weather predictions, home remedy and gardening advice, moon phase info, celestial happenings, facts, articles, tips, recipes, astrology, fun, and so much more. 

Your gift copy will be shipped to you as soon as we receive our annual order, in late December 2017 or early January 2018.

Limited Edition Welcome Gift #6:
Globe Weather Barometer
(Warning:  limited stock available!) 

Finally, I'm particularly excited about this gift...  But please be warned, I only have limited stock of this available!

To welcome you to our inner circle, I'll be pleased to ship you this glass globe weather barometer. 

Symbolic of our commitment to reconnecting with the earth and weathering the storms we’re facing together... 

... I love this because it’s a gift that’s both practical and beautiful. 

Place it on your desk (that’s where I keep mine) or on a kitchen counter, as a visual reminder of the important work we’re doing together.

Sign Up As A Sponsor Today...
... And Let Me WELCOME YOU To Our Inner Circle With
A Gift Package Valued At $906.10

When you sign up as a sponsor of The Grow Network today, you'll automatically receive a GIFT PACKAGE that includes:

* LIVE MONTHLY Podcast With Guest Experts - $119.40 annual value

* NEW MONTHLY Episode of "On The Road" - $119.40 annual value 

* Inside Edition Newsletter, Delivered Monthly - $239.40 annual value

* VIDEO TRAINING Certifications, All Unlocked - $97 X 4 = $388 value

* GIFT COPY:  Farmer's Almanac - annual value, shipped $14.95.

* PLUS, LIMITED EDITION GIFT:  ​​​​​Globe Weather Barometer - $24.95 value, shipped free.

With A Total Gift Package Value of $906.10

Plus...  I think you'll discover, as we have, that it’s an ongoing source of comfort, relief, and inspiration to know that as a Changemaker, you are surrounded by likeminded souls.  

And that we’re all in this together, all doing what we can to re-educate folks in the “old ways” of sustainably sourcing our food, through kitchen gardens, local farms, and community trade.

We gratefully accept ALL levels of sponsorship from our Changemakers.   

And we look forward to creating opportunities for ongoing connection between our Changemakers, during the months to come.

To get started, please select your level of support here:

Monthly Sponsor

$9.95 /month
(Cancel any time.)
  • Just $9.95 per month
    (Cancel any time!)

    Includes the Gift Package
    Valued at $906.10

Quarterly Sponsor 

$24.95 /quarter
(Cancel any time.)
  • Just $8.31 per month - 
    A savings of $19.60.
    (And still... cancel any time!)

    Includes the Gift Package

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Annual Sponsor

$79.95/ year
(Cancel any time!)
  • Just $6.67 per month - 
    A savings of $40.39.
    (And still... cancel any time!)

    Includes the Gift Package

    Valued at $906.10

No matter what level of support you choose, I can assure you that we’re grateful for any amount you might choose to contribute, and we look forward to welcoming you into our inner circle. 

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to do this.

Home grown food on every table is our vision. Stopping the destruction of the earth is our purpose.

We hope you’ll join us.

About The Grow Network

Hello, my name is Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network. 

And in case we’re meeting for the first time, I’d like you to know that we’re the online home of a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine.

We like to think of ourselves as "backyard researchers"; we're constantly experimenting and sharing our discoveries with one another -- testing new paths for sustainable living while reconnecting with the "old ways" that seem to be slipping away too quickly in our modern world.

Our catalyzing statement, the thing that gets us up every morning, is 

"Homegrown Food On Every Table!"

We value soil, water, sunlight, simplicity, sustainability, usefulness, and freedom.  And we strive to be the most useful site on the web for producing, preparing, and preserving your own food and medicine.

We also like to have a bit of fun! ;-)

We are open to all religions, diets, and political parties.  And we grow food for many reasons including health, spirituality, and preparedness. 

Join us, won’t you?  And let’s learn how to grow food and medicine, together!

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