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The Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit may be over...

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Because while the event was live, online, from October 31st through November 6th, the good news is that we've recorded it all.   So that with a LIFETIME PASS, you can watch the entire event, from beginning to end, over and over, as many times as you like!

35+ speaker presentations ... over 50 hours of video interviews, live tours, demos, and training! 

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As you'll see, the speaker lineup for the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit was world-class. 

We spent more than 6 months tracking down 35+ experts in modern homesteading, growing your own food, raising livestock, making your own herbal medicine, sustainable off-grid living, and more.   

Then we begged, pleaded, bribed, and twisted their arms... until we finally persuaded them all to spill the beans, and teach you everything they know!

Presentations you'll have instant access to when you claim your LIFETIME PASS today include all of the following...
Geoff Lawton
Greening The Desert
Hank Will
Versatile Corn Varieties For Homesteaders
Patricia Foreman
Chicken Whispering &
Home Chicken Processing 
Paul Wheaton
10X More Efficient Heat… Anywhere!
Joel Salatin
Pastured Poultry Tips
Brad Lancaster
Working With Natural Systems To Grow Abundance
Stacey Murphy
Garden Geeks Grow More
Paul Munsen
13 Ways to Use Sunlight for Delicious, Efficient Homesteading
Justin Rhodes 
Predator ID:  Who Killed Your Chicken? & 10 Steps To Growing Most Of Your Food In Less Than 10 Hours Per Week
Jeannette Beranger
Livestock Conservancy
How to Build a Better Chicken
Justin Rohner
7 Ways To Garden and Get Paid
Meredith Leigh
How To Build An On-Farm Smokehouse
Rick Sapio
A Permaculture Approach To Entrepreneurship
David The Good
Better Gardening Through Experimentation
Woniya Thibeault
How To Make Buckskin Clothing 
John Kohler
Top 5 Ways To Grow More Vegetables In Small Spaces
Laurie Neverman
You Can Bake Bread
Don Tipping

Intermediate Seed Saving

Deborah Niemann
Livestock Fencing Bloopers & Lessons Learned
Jerome Osentowski
Growing A High-Altitude Food Forest & Tropical Plants In Cold Climates
Dan Kittredge
Real Food:  Growing Nutrient Dense Crops
Stephanie Syson

Edible Public Spaces

Brook and Rose
Le Van
Biodynamic Farming Secrets for Homesteaders
Katrina Blair
Weed Wisdom:  7 Ways To Prepare Thistles
Dr. Patrick Jones
Apocalypse Apothecary &
Making Herbal Medicine
Stephanie Syson

Top Traps of Homesteading

Bert Middleton 
How To Grow A Gout-Free Garden
Jacqueline Freeman
Start a Sustainable Beekeeping Revolution
Bill McDorman
Saving Seeds To Save Ourselves
Kami McBride

Edible Flower Herb Walk

Marjory Wildcraft, HOST 
The Grow Network
Primitive Survival Skills  
Doug Simons
Identifying & Harvesting Wild Plants As Medicine

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June 1, 2055 10:00am
By Andy Smith
Five reasons why blogging isn't scary

June 1, 2055 10:00am
By John Lewis
How to think like a webineer

June 1, 2055 10:00am
By Chris Tarello
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