Finding the Perfect Survival Retreat Is Difficult.

 This Report Will Save You Thousands Of Miles And Years Of Time

Hi, my name is Marjory Wildcraft.

For almost a decade I’ve been teaching people how to grow their own food, make their own medicine, and prepare for challenging times.

I’ve also been called ‘The Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance”.  I am best known for my video set “Grow Your Own Groceries” which has over 250,000 copies being used in over 30 countries.

You may know me from my appearance on National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” show where I was featured as an expert teaching a family basic survival skills.

Did you know there are estimates that more than 4 million American families are now beginning to prepare for a major disaster and many are moving their families to a safe location.

The hottest areas of the US economy right now are in guns sales, precious metals, and backup food supplies.

A recent survey shows that people are preparing for:
76% – Economic Collapse
6% – Pandemic
4% – Nuclear War / Radiation
2% – Extreme Oil Crisis
1% – Mega Quake
1% – Electromagnetic Pulse
Figuring out what to do or where to go do can be surprisingly difficult.

First off, you may have a reluctant spouse or other family members who do not feel the urgency you do.

Also, if you have only lived in urban or suburban areas then the countryside can be intimidating.

How will you find an area with decent people?  How can you know the character of the people in the area before you buy?

And how do you know if the land you pick will support you?  How much acreage do you need?

Is the soil, water, and other natural resources going to be enough to sustain you and your family?  Will the land be able to produce the food and firewood your family needs?  Is it defensible?.

Preparing for a major disaster is a complex decision and I can definitely help you.

I’ve written an easy to read e-book titled

“7 Shortcuts To Finding The perfect Survival Retreat”


Here is just a sample of what you get…

The top 9 regions known for self-reliance, and why they are chosen by most preppers

The three simple steps to finding your perfect retreat

The four biggest threats that must influence your decision on where to relocate

The biggest mistake you can make when first thinking about your retreat

How far from town should you relocate toThe hottest areas of the US economy right now are in guns sales, precious metals, and backup food supplies.

A recent survey shows that people are preparing for:


For this kind of information you are probably expecting to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars

And quite frankly, my consulting time is worth more than that per hour.

And even at $97 this report is an incredible value.

But, if you are smart enough, and motivated enough to be relocating your family to a safer place, then you are someone I want to know.  And while it lasts, I am letting this go for

ONLY $27


Oh, before I forget, this report is optimally for people who:

Can live anywhere (you have an independent income stream).

You want to stay within the US (I am not knowledgeable enough about International moves yet).

You expect the collapse to be very long-term; decades or generations.  (If you only preparing for a few weeks or months, you can ride that out almost anywhere).

“Marjory’s ebook showed us several fatal flaws in properties we initially thought were ideal.  We also saw how to evaluate the pros and cons of what life would be like in each location.”

– Beth T., Central Texas

“My wife and I had lived in the Big Apple – New York City.  We didn’t know a thing about country living.  Whew, can’t tell you how many blind alleys we would have gone down but Marjory’s ebook helped guide us  through the maze of decisions.”

– Andy C., no longer in NYC

“The information in the 7 Shortcuts ebook is extremely useful for those looking to find the perfect place for their family during the coming crisis.  Marjory’s information is hard won from years of experience living the prepper lifestyle.” – Jerry D., The Ozarks

While the decline has been mostly slow and steady, at any time it could implode very quickly.  I think it is Roy Rogers who said “you go broke slowly until it suddenly happens all at once”.

And of course, an epidemic or pandemic can happen at any time, and unfolds all too quickly – to the point where everything shuts down and your options become very limited.

If you’ve got an urge to take the leap and embrace a new lifestyle before it is forced upon you, or worse yet, you no longer have any choice in the matter, then click on the buy now button and get started now.


Oh hey, you know what?  I forgot to mention I have a bonus for you.

One thing you are really going to want to know is “how much land is enough?”.  So I am adding this bonus report titled  “How Much Land Do You Need To Be Food Self-Reliant”.

Of course whenever you go out to buy land, everybody always wants more.  That’s natural.  This report will give you a realistic idea of how much you really need.

Yes, of course I’ll give you a refund if you are not completely happy.  But I know if you are serious about relocating, then you’ll be thrilled with the report.


PS: Want some really good news?  Moving to a simpler lifestyle and living off the land is incredibly wonderful!

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